Stewart Building Inspections

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Mission Statement

Stewart Building Inspections' mission is to provide pristine home inspection services to all existing and potential clients. Our services will be provided with the client’s best interest at heart. The foundation of our services are built on honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Stewart Building Inspections, LLC is Licensed and Certified  servicing the entire state of South Carolina and the Metropolitan area of Atlanta, GA.

Services Provided

  •  Home Inspection
  •  Foundation inspection  
  •  Moisture/Humidity testing
  •  Pressure Washing (home siding, walkways & driveways)


Scheduling a Home Inspection


 Email: [email protected]

 Email/Text confirmation will be sent within 24hrs

 Fees and Cost for Services

 Fees will vary based on region, the home’s size and age, additional services, etc. Please be sure to inquire when scheduling your inspection what factors will affect price. Home inspection rates start as low as $225

Time required completing inspection

 The home inspection process usually takes two to three hours depending on the home’s size, age, condition, and any addition services provided.

 Clients are welcome to be present  during the inspection

 Attending the inspection will help you better understand findings in the inspection report.


 Inspection reports can be obtained within 24 to 48 hours after the initial inspection.

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